Go faster by automating your production

Our automatic detection and image analysis software performs ultra-precise operations in a few seconds.

Increase your performance and get ahead of your competitors? 🚀

By equipping yourself with our solution, you can accelerate your production capacities and increase your profitability. 


  • By automating your production lines,
  • By automating the monitoring of the animals,
  • By increasing the action capabilities of your robots,
  • By detecting threats or situations of interest,
  • By carrying out precision actions...
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An adaptable and scalable solution 📈


  • We are an "ingredient brand" that integrates directly into your system.
  • We adapt to any type of camera.
  • Our software architecture (Cloud) can be used anywhere in the world.
  • It simplifies distribution and greatly increases your sales potential.
  • We ensure the constant improvement and scaling of your solutions.
  • We help you generate recurring revenue over the long term.