Computer Vision for Agricultural Robots and Equipments

Intelligent and autonomous solutions.

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As a farmer, an agricultural cooperative, a digital services company or an equipment manufacturer, our solutions will help you to save time while increasing precision, productivity and autonomy.


Receive real-time alerts when agronomic issues are detected by our system from your cameras or smart devices.


Get an immediate and objective diagnosis of your production via our embedded solution and find your analysis reports online.


Automate and increase the capabilities of your robots and equipments by using intelligent vision and control algorithms.

Some Features

Our high performances solutions combine quality, speed and precision !


Use our solutions whatever the environment is: from sunlight to rain, from the stabling to the field whether there is fog, dust or hard visibility.


Your equipment will be able to handle critic situations autonomously whether it has to generate an alert or perform an action.


Our fast algorithms generate instantaneous alerts from your agri-equipments or real-time visual control for agricultural robots.

Easy to Integrate

Our solutions are accessible via our cloud API, or directly embedded on your system if necessary.

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Dilepix is award winner 2020 of Tech Tour Invest

Dilepix award winner Tech Tour Invest 2020

We will compete at the Contest Final in front of 150 european investors 07-08 December 2020

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