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Problems we solve


  • Make computer vision simple and affordable
  • Agile deployment and continuous improvement
  • Scale projects faster
  • Automate daily task
  • Effortless Counting & Quality Control
  • Intelligent crop & livestock monitoring

Our work process

We help you build and improve your (vision-based) automation systems in five steps.


Our Technology


Our agricultural technology developed at the Inria laboratory, is recognized for its robustness. It has proven its effectiveness in the agricultural sector where the conditions of use are often difficult (humidity, dust, light, heat).

We have the exclusive license to operate in the agricultural sector at a global level.


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Dilepix combines two expertises:

  • On the one hand, the ViSP technology capable of analyzing images and moving robots according to them.
  • And on the other hand, the neural networks of artificial intelligence developed by our teams.

Some examples


HubSpot Video


Detection and location of organic matter


HubSpot Video


Detection of toxic weeds in green beans fields



HubSpot Video


Automatic and continuous monitoring of livestock activities (pig)


HubSpot Video


Automatic and continuous monitoring of livestock activities (cow)


Latest from our projects




Detecting the optimal loading point

Dilepix was commissioned by ManuRob to enable its LOADIX robot to detect and locate the optimal loading point for the matter to be transported

Watch ManuRob's interview


Industrial insect production

Automatic larvae counting

Dilepix and the IT company i2S are partners in the development of an automatic larval counting system. This tool (hardware) will be operational by mid 2023

Our larvae counting software



Measuring sow activity

Since 2021, Dilepix and Inrae have been working on measuring the collective and individual activity of pregnant sows through the SOWELL project and more recently with the  SOMOVE project.

Watch Inrae's interview

Why choose us ?


  • We already work with major companies
  • 25 years of R&D development of computer vision expertise with the INRIA laboratory
  • Dilepix product enables players to reduce overall footprint
  • Promote animal welfare,
  • Encourage the development of alternative resources
  • Contribute to reducing the drudgery of tasks (robotics)
  • We are expert in precision farming and Deep learning in agriculture  

A few words from our clients 


"For the i-Nov project, we needed to go further by visualising and quantifying the impact of our solution with an easy-to-use tool that allows the farmer to collect data autonomously, and the deep tech technology developed by Dilepix met our needs. "

Justine LIPUMA - Co-founder & CEO - Mycophyto



"One of the strengths of Dilepix is its ability to exploit existing technologies in a concrete situation, in collaboration with an industrial company".

Pierre GERMANAUD - CEO - ManuRob

Watch his interview

frederic-dimur-dilepix-Boehringer Ingelheim

"The great strength of the team is their honesty in always giving the limits of the capabilities for each stage of development and never overselling the results"

Frédéric DIMUR - Open Digital Innovation Director- Boehringer Ingelheim

Read his interview

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