Artificial Intelligence & Computer vision

Experts in computer vision and deep learning, we put our technology at the service of a more sustainable, more efficient and more innovative agriculture.

Our software solutions are aimed at players in the agricultural business: producer associations, consulting companies, veterinary groups, manufacturers of agricultural equipment who seek to integrate more innovations into their product and service offer for farmers.


Our areas of intervention

Animal monitoring, automatic detection of diseases and weeds, flowering stage, invasion of insect pests, autonomous precision actions... We provide you with solutions to increase your profitability and help you contribute to a more sustainable agriculture.

Dilepix was born from the observation that conventional farmers use large amounts of chemicals or antibiotics as a preventive measure, because they cannot constantly monitor their crops and livestock.

We have therefore developed a robust software solution adapted to the agricultural sector to automatically and remotely monitor animals and crops.

Our vision

In the right place at the right time

Counting citrus fruits with un smartphone
Automatic detection in dairy barn
Automatic weed's detection in peas production
Cloud or embedded

Farmers are looking for performance

Dilepix's know-how combines expertise in artificial intelligence (neural networks) with advanced skills in image analysis. The combination of these two technological bricks allows ultra-robust detection and localization of agronomic threats and opportunities.

Available in embedded mode in real time, and in the cloud, our architecture is able to absorb a significant load of analyzes. It is designed to work with a large number of devices operating simultaneously

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Agricultural consultant presenting artifial intelligence and computer vision in a field

Artificial intelligence and computer vision are revolutionizing the way farms are run as the possibilities are impressive.

Jump into the future and open up to new perspectives: use Dilepix software!

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