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Thanks to our monitoring and automatic detection software, we analyze and produce relevant data in animal and plant production to increase your profitability and develop a more sustainable agriculture.

Based on the images/videos produced by cameras placed in livestock buildings or embedded on agricultural machines or robots, our artificial intelligence algorithms (Deep learning),  associated with our computer vision skills, detect situations of interest that require particular surveillance or specific action.


Our agricultural applications

Dilepix was born from the observation that conventional agriculture uses large quantities of chemicals or antibiotics as a preventive measure.

The reason? Farmers can't constantly monitor their crops and livestock.

We have therefore developed a robust software solution, adapted to the agricultural sector, to automatically and remotely monitor animals and crops.

Our vision

Turn simple images into high value informations




Our solution contributes to reduce the use of chemical products (antibiotics & inputs) still too often used systematically as a preventive measure. Through this innovation, we intend to improve the quality of our food.

  • Improve the well-being of people and animals
    Our solution allows farmers to better monitor the health of their animals by reacting more quickly (detection of diseases, feeding problems, growth control, injuries...). This reactivity allows them to reduce the number of antibiotic or hormonal treatments.

  • Reduce inputs in crops
    Our solution brings more precision with a more targeted distribution of treatments on the crops. Necessary treatments are localized and no longer uniformed on the whole plot.

  • Insect production is an alternative source of proteins with a low environmental impact. We are the only startup to support insect producers in automating and optimizing their production.
Automatic weed's detection in peas production
Precision agriculture and breeding

Ultra robust detection

Dilepix know-how combines an expertise in artificial intelligence (neural networks developed by our engineers) with advanced skills in image analysis.

The combination of these two technological bricks allows an ultra-robust and ultra-precise detection and localization of agronomic threats and opportunities.

Developed in the laboratory and tested by major industrial companies, our technology is patented.

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Our solutions are developed in partnership with national research institutes of reference and with the technical experts of our customers.

Take it to the next level!


Artificial intelligence and computer vision are revolutionizing farm monitoring with their impressive capabilities.

Equipping yourself with Dilepix software means taking a leap into the future with technology that was previously unavailable.

Our solutions are aimed at producer groups, veterinary groups and pharmaceutical companies, looking to integrate more innovation into their product and service offerings.

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Our development road map

We are currently focusing on the development of applications for livestock (pigs - insects - cattle).

In parallel, we are working on other agricultural applications, particularly in robotics, and we should be addressing this market by 2023.




Our technology, developed at the Inria laboratory, is recognized for its robustness. It has proven its effectiveness in the agricultural sector where the conditions of use are often difficult (humidity, dust, light, heat).

We have the exclusive license to operate in the agricultural sector at a global level.



Dilepix combines two expertises:

  • On the one hand, the ViSP technology capable of analyzing images and moving robots according to them.
  • And on the other hand, the neural networks of artificial intelligence developed by our teams.

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Precision agriculture

Until now reserved for the aeronautics and aerospace sectors, we are putting our technology at the service of agriculture.

This breakthrough innovation contributes to :

  • Reduce the use of synthetic products,
  • Promote animal welfare,
  • Encourage the development of alternative resources
  • Contribute to reducing the drudgery of tasks (robotics)

We are members of the French Agtech startups association La ferme Digitale whose innovations bring a real added value to farmers and allow them to live better.


Our technology is capable of analyzing images and moving robots based on them. It can track objects in space and time.

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