Automatic counting of larvae in a few seconds

Save time and accuracy with the PROLARVAE solution that allows you to perform larval counting operations in seconds.


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⛔Stop manual counting!


In your insect factory or farm, production is done manually by human operators.

In some cases, they operate at only one stage of insect growth. In other cases, they control all stages of development: from neonate hatching, through pupation to the adult stage.

About ten times a day, these operators count, check and analyze samples where larvae are sometimes agglomerated together. Making the task more difficult.

Obviously, after several counts of larvae measuring a few millimeters (even with magnifying equipment), the brain gets tired and the margins of error increase.

So you think about how to help your teams in their daily work:

  • How can you make their job easier?
  • How can you make sure that performance doesn't decrease with each analysis?


Unsuccessful search for solutions


You have started your research, but you realize that there is a lack of companies capable of providing solutions in your market.

The only few solutions you have discovered are:

  • Too complicated to set up
  • Incompatible with your tools
  • Not repeatable on several stations
  • Not scalable
  • Not innovative enough


💡Ideally, you would like to:


  • Find a simple and efficient device that would count for your employees.
  • Allow your employees to focus on higher value tasks.
  • Use a solution that works with your current organization and could evolve and be embedded in your future industrial processes.

Good news, we have the solution! ✅


#1 Prolarvae is an automatic counting solution for Black Soldier Flies larvae

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Prolarvae automatically counts Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae and can be used in the early stages of development: 5 - 7 day old DOL* (*Day Old Larvae)


  • You can control every step of the production process quickly, accurately and consistently.

  • Our solution can also be embedded directly on your production lines after a training period of the neural networks and an integration step.
    👉 If you are interested in an embedded version, contact us!
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#2 What can you expect from your business?

Speed in data processing 

Accelerate dramatically your production control and quality control .
Artificial Intelligence counts the larvae very quickly even when they are agglomerated in clusters.
* Data from a customer case on a sample of 150 larvae. Data transfer time included..

High value-added operations

Valorize the expertise of your employees with higher value-added tasks.

The time saved and the data generated by our solutions will allow your employees to perform valuable analyses to manage production.
* Data from a customer case (10 counts per day of production)



Proven reliability

Whatever your production conditions, our solution retains its performance, allowing you to consolidate quality control data from several control points.







#3 Prolarvae: A ready-to-use sampling control tool


  • Available for counting Black Soldier Fly larvae 5-7 days (BSF 5-7 DOL)
  • Analysis with or without frass
  • + 90% accuracy


#4 A scalable solution adapted to your production tools

More than 430 hours saved per year, the equivalent of 9.5 weeks of work by an operator
Analyses calculated on the basis of 218 days worked per year, with 10 counts per day and 12 minutes per count.







#5 Technical characteristics of our Prolarvae counting solution

Dilepix prolarvae solution

👉 Prolarvae is the result of a collaboration between Dilepix (expert in image analysis & Artificial Intelligence) and I2S (expert in integrated vision systems and hardware manufacturer).

Conditions for optimal performance

  • ProLarvae is suitable for 5 to 7 DOL larvae

For <5 day and >7 day old larvae, the solution may result in poorer performance.

🚧 The equipment is not suitable for the neonate stage, but we can adapt the solution during a specific project. For this, please contact us 

👉 PLEASE NOTE: The next features of Prolarvae will concern the counting of 14 and 28 DOL of BSF.


  • ProLarvae works with or without frass
The frass is not a problem as long as it does not cover the whole larvae.

Our neural networks have been trained on more than 6 different frass thanks to the work done with our partner Thomas MORE University
  • Sample size: 150 to 450 larvae

< 150 and > 450 larvae per sample may result in poorer performance. 

👉 PLEASE NOTE: The option for up to 1,000 larvae per sample without frass will be available during 2024.



  • Average performance of ProLarvae: Over 90% accuracy under these conditions!

#6 Automatic counting of Black soldier fly larvae.




Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae are placed in a sample tank commonly used in industrial insect farming.

In this case, the sensor is placed on top of the sample tray to perform acquisitions. The samples are spread out in the tray to minimise the coverage of the larvae by their substrate.

Once sent to our analysis platform (, it only takes a few seconds for our counting solution to estimate the number of larvae present in the tank.

#7 How to get Prolarvae?

Be part of the privileged to use our Prolarvae Box V2!

Contact us by clicking on the green button below:

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#8 Why should you use our counting solution for industrial insect production?

Prolarvae allows samples of several hundred larvae to be counted in a few seconds, even when they are clustered together.

Counting with our counting solution is fast, accurate and performances remain constant at any time of the day. This consistency, combined with unlimited repeatability, allows our customers to get reliable data from multiple production lines, or even several plants to analyze in detail the performance of their production tool.

Jérémy FOISIL - Business Developer



#9 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Can I integrate your software into my SCADA system?

Yes, we have an API that allows you to retrieve analysis results directly into your production control system.


  • How many users can connect to the platform?

The basic subscription includes 5 users, but it is possible to add more on demand. 


  • How to obtain our rates?
Our rates include the purchase of the equipment + the subscription to the service.

Our rates are proportional to the volume of analyses. Contact us for more information.

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Counting black soldier fly larvae

Improve your quality control with an automatic counting solution

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