Our technology

The meeting of two expertises

Dilepix was born from the meeting of two areas of expertise. On the one hand, technologies transferred from Inria, capable of analyzing images and making robots move according to them. And on the other hand, the artificial intelligence neural networks developed by our teams.

High precision

Efficient in both Cloud and embedded mode, our algorithms analyze images from cameras placed in plots and farms or on board tractors.

When a threat or an opportunity is detected, they automatically generate alerts to inform the advisor, technician or veterinarian of the action to be taken.

 Professional alerting a threat in a field with his smartphone

The founders

Dilepix was created in March 2018 by Aurélien Yol, a former Inria engineer, and Alban Pobla, an entrepreneur. Both share the same vision and promise of an innovative and avant-garde company at the service of a more efficient and sustainable agriculture.


Aurélien Yol - CTO

An expert in computer vision, Aurélien worked for several years as an R&D engineer at Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique where he co-developed the technology used today by Dilepix.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he conducted research on the replacement of GPS on UAVs by vision-based navigation and on the localization of space debris.

In addition to his missions as Dilepix CTO, he ensures in parallel the functions of member of the Council of Labelling and Scientific Orientation (CLOSI) of Vegepolys Valley.


Alban Pobla - CEO

A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Alban began his career with research missions in computer vision and robotics at MIT (Boston, USA), CMU (Pittsburgh, USA), Mines ParisTech, then at the DGA (French Government Defence procurement and technology agency). He then completed his skills in business and innovation marketing at EM Lyon and in management at HEC Paris. After starting up several companies, he chose to use his skills and expertise to help Dilepix develop.

In addition to his role as Dilepix CEO, Alban is also an industrial expert in Robotics and Precision Agriculture for the European Commission.

A well-proven technology

 Detecting weeds in a wheat field

Our technological solutions, developed for more than 15 years in partnership with major industrial groups, have proven their effectiveness in real conditions, from ocean floor to space. They are now put to good use in the agricultural sector.


A talented team

Dilepix is a beautiful human adventure where everyone can express all their talent. Conviviality, respect and listening are the three words that best sum up the human values of our team.

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 Vision team in the Dilepix offices at the Village by CA in Rennes
 Market gardening-peas

Our partners

In 2017, we identified a superb technology developed by Aurélien at Inria and decided to support it. The meeting with Alban, a serial entrepreneur, a few months later, helped speed things up and position Dilepix on a subject with a strong societal impact.

Benoît Georis - Deep tech seed investor - Elaia


Winner of the prestigious I-Lab competition in 2018, Dilepix has consistently won prestigious awards confirming the value of our solutions.