#1 Keep an eye on the farms at all times

As a veterinarian, an agricultural technician or consultant in cattle breeding, you know the importance of regular monitoring of the herd.
Of course, it is the breeder who stays closest to his cows, but you too must keep an eye on the herd to detect situations that the advantage of your external gaze gives you.

But how do you achieve this when the farms are geographically far apart or your consulting appointments only take place once a month, or even less often?

The solution is the coupling of "video analysis and artificial intelligence"!

mesure automatique de l'activité des bovins laitiers et allaitants

#2 Monitor the activity of dairy and suckler cows at different stages

Each step has its own solution!

NB: Our neural networks can be trained to detect other situations not yet shown in the diagram below.

If you are planning to develop an application that involves image or video processing, contact us

Dilepix develops custom sotware solutions to monitor herd activites

#3 Use cases in cattle breeding

In a dairy in suckler cow system, performance and profitability depend on the control of many aspects.

Cow wellbeing and reproduction are part of these strategic goals.

Imagine a monitoring system able to detect heat and calving!

The capabilities of AI are amazing!

You have a problem in cattle production and you think that artificial intelligence can be the solution?

Contact us and we will study the feasibility of your project.


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 Detection of cows standing lying down in a livestock building

#4 Define herd management tools


The french veterinary group Obione, as part of its "HAPPY" approach, worked with us to develop a solution that combines timelapse cameras with artificial intelligence software.

Obione wanted ultra-precise targeting of animal activity to measure the level of well-being of the herd and calculate the comfort indexes of the cows in the stall (frequentation of the trough, water troughs, time spent standing, lying down, etc.)



View of a monitoring camera in a cattle barn
 Detection camera for livestock

#5 The strengths of our solution

  • Our technology is reliable, robust and adapted to agricultural constraints
  • It respects animal wellbeing because it is non-intrusive
  • It saves precious time in data analysis
  • It allows you to react at the right time
  • It respects the natural rhythm of animals
  • It relieves and secures monitoring especially at night

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Make it easy to monitor your cattle farms

  • Measure animal welfare
  • Provide accurate measurement tools
  • Save time and comfort
  • Keep an eye on your farms from wherever you are
  • Monitor individual animals
  • Define monitoring metrics
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Cows eating hay in a stable
Cows in a stable
Cows eating hay in a stable
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