Gaia X - The European sovereign cloud

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Aurelie Busnel 11 June 2021

Alban Pobla (CEO Dilepix) was commissioned by the Ferme Digitale to participate in the European project Gaia-X



GaiaX logo european cloud The challenges of this ambitious project:

  • Building a European sovereign cloud as an alternative to the American and Chinese cloud giants
  • Building a reliable and secure data infrastructure for Europe
  • Supervising data exchanges, encouraging the adoption of this technology and promoting the data economy in Europe.

Two major axes: Health and Agriculture


With the increase of digital solutions in agriculture, it becomes necessary to structure this ecosystem of solutions at the European level:

  • Store the data and share it at the European level
  • Offer computing power and repatriate servers in Europe
  • Standardize common standards,
  • Enable systems to communicate with each other,
  • To give a better visibility to solution providers (actors of agricultural production)
  • Secure data exchanges with European technology providers.


GAIA-X already gathers more than 180 European partner companies and organizations, including major cooperatives from more than 15 EU member states.

The first services of this project should be implemented during 2021 to protect the data of European companies.


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Aurélie is Marketing & communication manager. She has worked for many years in the agricultural sector, in particular the cattle industry. Her knowledge of the agricultural ecosystem and her skills in Inbound and content marketing provide her the necessary skills to make Dilepix a recognized startup and expert in artificial intelligence.

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Dilepix is an Agtech start-up expert in Deep Learning and computer vision in agriculture

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