Détection du stade de levée des cultures

As a professional acting on behalf of agricultural cooperatives, agronomic consulting firms or producer groups, you are looking for innovative solutions helping farmers manage their crops more efficiently.

To allow you to act at the right time and in a more targeted manner, we have developed a software solution based on artificial intelligence that automatically monitors and detects threats and opportunities. Our neural networks analyze in real time images from cameras onboard agricultural machinery.

Effective in market gardening, viticulture, arboriculture and field crops, our algorithms automatically detect situations for which they have been trained and alert you to react at the appropriate time.

Through its expertise and proven technology for more than 15 years, Dilepix assists agricultural companies in their search for innovation and competitiveness.

Wheat harvest by a combine harvester
Drone view of a leek and bean production
Field crops

Increase your yield capacity in field crops & industrial crops

Detection of pests, diseases, weeds, measurement of plant development stage, yield forecasts... Act in a more targeted way thanks to the monitoring and automatic detection of threats and opportunities in field crops.

Fields crops solution
Lemons in vegetable production
Two apples in an apple tree


Benefit from a real competitive advantage that ensures optimal fruit production

Strongly competitive, the arboricultural sector must innovate and engage in automation. Automatic detection of pests and diseases, counting of parasites, assessment of fruit maturity and harvest forecasts can now be carried out remotely.

Arboriculture solution

Carrot emerging from the ground
Salad in a vegetable production
Market Gardening

Adapt and automate production tools for vegetable crops

Detection of pests, diseases, weeds, rate of emergence, plant growth stages, harvest forecasting, mapping... Stay one step ahead!

Market gardening solution
Bunch of black grapes in a vineyard
Agricultural machine in a field of vines


Automatically detect threats and opportunities in viticulture

Detection of pests, diseases, missing vines, bunch maturity stage, harvest forecasts, mapping: the field of possibilities is immense for the wine industry.

Viticulture solution