Computer vision and AI: controlling the action to the centimeter

As a cooperative, an agronomic consulting firm or a producer group, you are constantly looking for innovative solutions that will enable agriculture to meet environmental, societal, economic and technological challenges.

Being able to manage orchards by intervening at the right time, or even to implement measures to limit the need for intervention, that is the promise made by Dilepix!

  • Are you looking to measure the sanitary state of orchards?
  • Do you want to understand the dynamics of the appearance and evolution of threats according to pedoclimatic conditions?
  • Are you planning to control the action in a very targeted manner, by mechanical or chemical means?
  • Are you looking for an automatic and early evaluation of yields?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Artificial Intelligence is for you!

Apple trees in an orchard
Rows of apple trees in an orchard
Dilepix Drone acquiring images in flight

The benefits of our solution

  • It significantly reduces the use of phytosanitary products.
  • It works for a more sustainable agriculture by acting in a localized way.
  • Highly accurate, depending on the type of equipment used, our technology can detect situations at the centimeter scale.
  • It allows you to anticipate events in order to react at the right time.
  • It contributes to replacing the value of phytosanitary products with a range of services

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Pears in a vegetable production

Use case in arboriculture

Farmers and producers must now rely on high-performance and reliable technologies that provide them with greater precision to monitor their production and enable them to anticipate actions.

Detection of pests, diseases, weeds, measurement of fruit development stage, yield forecasts, mapping... Act at the right time and in a more targeted way thanks to monitoring and automatic detection of threats and opportunities.

Whether your farmers are producers of pome fruits,  stone fruits or nuts fruits, consult the product sheet to learn more about the different use cases.

You have a problem in tree production and you think that artificial intelligence can solve the it? Contact us and we will precisely examine the feasibility of your project.

Counting fruit with a smartphone in a tree
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