Automatic remote monitoring of a pig farm on smartphone

As a livestock professional, you know the importance of regular monitoring of livestock and know that it is often necessary to react quickly.

To allow you to remotely monitor farms day and night, we have developed a software solution based on artificial intelligence that analyzes in real time images from cameras placed in the buildings.

Our algorithms automatically detect situations for which they have been trained and alert you to react at the appropriate time.

Non-intrusive, our solution respects the rhythm of the animals and saves you precious time in data analysis.

Dilepix assists livestock consultancy firms, coops and veterinarians in their search for innovation and competitiveness.

calving detection
cow in a pasture

Optimize the performance of cattle farms

Reproduction, performance, health, animal welfare, safety... Our monitoring and automatic detection solutions save you precious time and give more value to your expertise.

Cattle solutions
 Pigs in a fattening house
 Piglets in a barn


Improve technical & economic performance in pig production

Whether your work focuses on reproduction, breeding performance, health or welfare, our solutions allow you to increase your competitiveness.

Pigs solutions

Hens in a livestock building
 Turkeys on a farm

Develop your competitiveness in poultry production

Respond to the challenges of the poultry industry by ensuring animal welfare, automating the production system or securing buildings.

Poultry solutions
Tenebrio molitor


Anticipate and automate your production tools in insect farming

A rapidly-developing sector, entomoculture requires adapted means of production which guarantee competitiveness, performance and precision.

Insects solutions