Detect the optimal period for sow insemination

With Gwiz, you automatically determine the sow ovulation period and you are instantly alerted of the optimal period for insemination


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#1 Stop fertility problems in pig farms


You notice fertility problems in your farms and you would like to help your breeders to improve their livestock performance.

To avoid this problem, it would be ideal to determine the precise moment when the sow will come into heat and especially the moment of ovulation.

But during your breeding and insemination audits, you are faced with two difficulties:

  • Lack of reliable diagnostic tools
  • Lack of qualified manpower on the farms

In addition, livestock farming practices tend to be more individual and more respectful of the animals' well-being...


🤩 Good news!

This non-invasive solution that automatically predicts the sow's ovulation period and instantly alerts you to the optimal time for insemination exists! 

This tool is called GWIZ 😀

#2 Finally a precise tool to inseminate your sows at the right time!

The particularity of Gwiz lies in its multidisciplinary approach combining veterinary medicine and Deep Learning.

GWIZ combines a thermal camera that measures the sow's temperature non-invasively with artificial intelligence software that analyzes physiological variations in body temperature during the reproductive cycle.

This tool is at the crossroads of 3 problems encountered in pig farming:

  • Lack of manpower
  • Animal welfare
  • Control of production costs


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#3 The result of a collaboration between Dilepix and Synthèse Élevage

The veterinary group Synthèse Elevage has called upon the expertise of the Dilepix team to model ovulation by analyzing the body temperature of the sow and to meet these challenges:

  • To identify precisely the areas of interest
  • To propose a simple and efficient tool that can, in fine, improve the reproductive performance of the farms
  • To detect quickly possible infertility problems with a reliable diagnostic tool.

#4 The missions entrusted to Dilepix on the GWIZ project

The development of Gwiz was carried out by a first part in the field with the acquisition of the necessary data (thermal and echographic images) then by a computer part with Deep Learning and the creation of algorithms to automatically analyze the data and restore them quickly.


Our missions for this project were to advise Synthèse Elevage for the realization of the image acquisition tools, the annotations of the images in order to train the neural networks, the development of the detection tools of the interest zones and the creation of the ovulation prediction tools that we provided in the form of a remote analysis service


Pierre Chatelain - Computer vision engineer responsible for the development of Gwiz




#5 Dilepix technology integrated in the GWIZ solution



Tool for image acquisition

  • We advised Synthèse Élevage on the choice of the thermal camera to be used in this project, on the acquisition conditions (interest of the tip, lighting) and on the camera settings.

Image annotations

  • We annotated the images acquired by Synthèse Elevage using our internal image annotation tool.
  • Emma Cantaloube (veterinarian who initiated the project) validated the quality of the annotations, as we always rely on the agronomic/zootechnical expertise of our clients.

Precise detection of zones of interest and temperature measurement

  • We trained a neural network to automatically detect zones of interest.
  • We have developed a temperature measurement module that provides the temperature of zones of interest from a thermographic image.
  • We have deployed this module in our cloud infrastructure which feeds the "Temperature measurements" module.

Ovulation prediction tools

  • Through the Dilepix Cloud Platform, detections are modeled and the user benefits from clear and precise indicators to help him in his decision making.
  • We have developed a tool that predicts the time to ovulation based on a series of temperature measurements of the anus and vulva (2 measurements per day for at least 3 days)
    This tool has been deployed in our cloud infrastructure which feeds the "Ovulation" module.

#6 An Innov'Space award for Gwiz ⭐

Officially presented at the SPACE 2021 animal production show, Gwiz was awarded an Innov'Space.

The Innov'Space competition, composed of a jury of independent experts (institutions, researchers, veterinarians, journalists), rewards the most innovative equipment and services. 

Emma Cantaloube and Alban Pobla had the honor to receive the precious trophy that rewards Gwiz for its innovation. 

#7 Getting Gwiz or developing an AI solution?


How to get Gwiz?

Gwiz is commercialized by Synthèse Élevage.

If you are an experimental farm, a research institute and if you want to use Gwiz to automatically predict sow ovulation, click on the button.


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To develop an artificial intelligence solution 🧠

You are a pharmaceutical group, a veterinary group, a cooperative and you wish to develop an automatic monitoring solution for pig farms?

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Automatise temperature measurement

Model physiological phenomena

  • Detect physiological phenomena that were previously difficult to identify with current methods
  • Reduce the time spent taking temperatures

  • Non-invasive and animal welfare friendly method

  • Avoid losses by acting earlier

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Expert testimony

"I liked working with Dilepix for several reasons.

The team is young, dynamic and motivated, and I particularly appreciated their flexibility and involvement throughout my project.

Would I recommend Dilepix for the development of an AI-based solution? The answer is clearly yes!"

Emma Cantaloube - Synthèse Elevage

#8 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • How can I get Gwiz only ?

    The company Synthèse Élevage sells the Gwiz solution. To contact them, you can click on the following link: Synthèse Élevage



  • Gwiz requires the use of a thermal imaging camera with a calibration tip, where can I get one?

The Gwiz solution includes the camera + tip + a subscription based on the number of analyses performed. To learn more, you can click on the following link: Synthèse Élevage



  • I am interested in Gwiz but I would like to do other detections. Is it possible?

Yes, we can help you develop other features that use thermal imaging.

👉 Contact us to talk about your project. 


  • Do you know?

Gwiz (pronounced "Guize") means "sow" in Breton.

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