Actions de précision d'un tracteur au milieu d'un champ

Whether you want to give farmers the opportunity to carry out precision actions based on mapping or real-time detection, our solutions, which can be mounted on tractors or drones, drastically reduce the use of phytosanitary products and visibly reduce the harshness of certain tasks.

Our expertise in computer vision coupled with our technology based on artificial intelligence, will allow you to take part in the development of a more sustainable, more efficient and more profitable agriculture.

Automatic guidance, autonomous handling, robotic control: step into high-precision farming!


 Combine harvester in a field
3D camera guiding the culticam cultivator
Crop productions

Autonomy & Precision

Optimize the efficiency of each of your passes by carrying out ultra precise actions. Automatic guidance of agricultural machinery, precision spraying or weeding, selective harvesting: the capabilities of AI and computer vision are immense.

Crops machinery solution
Shed full of breeding cows
Cow with a milking robot

Livestock production

Automatic guidance

Reduce harshness at work by automating tasks with vision control of feeding robots, scrapers & pushers, herd monitoring robots and other automatons.

Livestock production solution

Agricultural machine in a shed
 Automatic agricultural machine
Energy & Works

Automatic handling

Save time and allow farmers to focus on higher value tasks. How? By delegating to farm machinery the autonomous movement of organic materials and the transportation of materials.

Energy solution
 Coupling of agricole machine
Automatic coupling of agricultural machinery

Robotic control

Precision actions

Are you looking for more working comfort, especially with automatic coupling? Vision-based robotic control takes care of everything.

Robotic solution