Actions de précision d'un tracteur au milieu d'un champ

Thanks to the cameras integrated to your machine, the solutions developed by Dilepix allow you to collect data from its environment. Once identified and processed by the Dilepix software, this data can, for example, be used to enhance work data or provide assistance to the operator.

Once a situation of interest is detected by our artificial intelligence algorithms (neural networks), our computer vision platform takes over to perform, for example, robotic control and allow your machines to adapt to a changing environment or perform precision actions.


les caméras du tracteurs détectent les dangers, vérifie le travail réalisé
Agricultural machinery

Intelligent agricultural machinery thanks to computer vision

Upgrade your tractors and farm equipment to be safer, smarter and more efficient with computer vision.

Agricultural machinery solution
Dilepix agricultural robotic control

Agricultural robotics

Accelerate the development of your robots with our vision software bricks

Reduce the drudgery of work by automating tasks with vision control. Our computer vision platform enables robotic control of your machines based on precise measurements extracted from images and video streams.

améliorer la sécurité des engins de chantier grùce à la vision par ordinateur Dilepix
controle robotique engins chantier Dilepix

Increase the capacity of your construction equipment to optimise its use and improve safety

Ensure better safety on your construction sites by equipping your machines with a system based on image analysis that detects bystanders, workers, animals or objects that could get in the way of your machines.