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#1 How can you optimise the use of your agricultural machinery and increase safety?


Dilepix tracking and localisation

Using the cameras integrated into your equipment, the solutions developed by Dilepix allow you to collect data from the machine's environment. Once this data is identified and processed by Dilepix software, it can be used to improve job performance or provide operator assistance.


Robotic control Dilepix

Coupled or not with artificial intelligence algorithms, our computer vision platform allows the extraction of precise measurements from images and video streams. These measurements will then be used by our custom-developed robotic control software solutions to address your problem.

Collect environmental data from your agricultural machinery and equipment & optimise their robotic control. 

Improve the comfort and ease of use of your machines

Agricultural machinery is becoming increasingly sophisticated, but it must remain simple to use.

Our software gives your machines the ability to analyse and recognise their environment and the objects of interest within it. This data from our software solutions allows you to develop advanced user support features. 

A first example: the recognition of attached implements by the tractor's camera will trigger an automated adjustment of the latter without requiring the exact knowledge of the implement by the human operator.

A second example: The recognition of weather conditions can also facilitate tractor adjustments in the event of a soil cultivation operation.

caméra intelligente qui détecte ou reconnaissent les outils Dilepix

Enhance the working or environmental data of your agricultural machinery

Combined with the data already collected by your machine (position, weight, hours of activity, etc.), the data captured by the cameras makes it possible to specify the nature of the work carried out (What matter was handled? On which crop did the intervention take place? What is its sanitary state?...)

This data is usually captured by the same cameras used for robotic control. It can be analysed in real time by on-board analysis software or asynchronously by software hosted in the cloud.

Détection et localisation du point de chargement du robot Loadix Dilepix ManuRob

Improve the quality of work of your machines

Depending on the placement of the cameras, you can also monitor the work done by your machines and evaluate or regulate it automatically. 

Some examples: grain shattering in a forage harvester, the correct settings or orientation of nozzles on a sprayer, the quality of the passage of a soil cultivation tool, etc.

Your customers will benefit from greater ease of use, improved work efficiency and better performance of your machine.


contrôle du travail grâce aux caméras IA Dilepix

Adapting in a changing environment

Combined with traditional location technologies (RTK GPS, odometry, etc.), computer vision allows you to adapt the work of your machines according to their environment and their evolution over time.

Unlike an automaton, a machine equipped with our vision bricks will be able to adapt its actions according to its environment and to the changing configuration of its action zone.

This leap in the autonomy of your machines will allow you to guarantee better comfort and profitability for your customers.


Safety of the operator and bystanders

Computer vision allows you to enhance the safety features of your machines.

It detects inert obstacles, people or animals to enhance the effectiveness of safety sensors (such as LiDAR) by identifying the type of obstacle.

La caméra du tracteur detecte homme sécurité Dilepix

Anticipate the maintenance of your machines 

Our solutions can enable you to automatically monitor the condition of wear parts and components on your machines that require preventive maintenance.

This allows you to alert your customers to potential failures before they occur and ensure that downtime and repair costs are reduced.

Standret Freepik

#2 Our development process

We help you step by step* in the design of your software. The diagram below represents the complete version of our development process, but it is quite possible to start a collaboration along the way. Steps 3 and 4 can be carried out in parallel.

*The duration of each step is presented as an average

5 steps for creating your agricultural software solution with Dilepix

#3 Examples of customer cases



Detection and location of the optimal loading point for the Loadix robot

Détection et localisation du point de chargement du robot Loadix Dilepix ManuRob

Find out more about the Manurob's project



Yield forecast for the "Rose de Mai" (perfume plant)                  

Prévision de rendement rose de mai Dilepix Mycophyto

Find out more about the Mycophyto's project


#4 The benefits of our technology

  • Computer vision opens up new prospects for autonomy and robotic control of agricultural machinery
  • It contributes to a more sustainable agriculture by acting in a localised way
  • Highly accurate, depending on the type of equipment used, our technology can detect situations at the centimetre level
  • Reliable and adapted to the agricultural sector, our technology has been proven for over 15 years by major industrial groups
  • Our software can be integrated directly into your machines

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contrôle du travail grâce aux caméras IA Dilepix
les caméras renforcent la sécurité et détectent des objets, animaux, humains
contrôle du travail grâce aux caméras IA Dilepix
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