Computer vision and AI: deploy the precision actions of agricultural machinery

As a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and machinery, you know that innovation is central to your development.

The agricultural sector is changing fast because expectations are high. Only companies that can offer equipment incorporating new technologies will secure a place of choice in the precision farming market.

  • Are you looking to produce equipment that reduces drudgery and ensures greater working comfort?
  • Do you want to offer solutions to control the action in a very targeted manner, by mechanical or chemical means?
  • Are you looking for innovative technology that will give you a competitive edge?

If you have answered "yes" to these questions, then Artificial Intelligence is for you!

coupling auto john deere installation min
Automatic hitching of an agricultural machine
Embedded camera in John Deere

The benefits of our solution

  • Computer vision opens up new perspectives in terms of the autonomy of agricultural machinery
  • It works for a more sustainable agriculture by acting in a localised way.
  • Highly accurate, depending on the type of equipment used, our technology can detect situations on the centimetre scale.
  • Reliable and adapted to the agricultural sector, our solution has been tried and tested for more than 15 years by major industrial groups.
  • Our software integrates directly into your system

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Use cases in robotic control

Farmers can sometimes get on and off their machines many times a day. Saving them this repetitive gesture can relieve them and make their work more comfortable.
No need to constantly get on and off the tractor, or turn around to make sure they are in line. The automatic hitch takes care of everything and also provides a better driving posture.

You are a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and you have a project in agricultural machinery, and more specifically in automatic hitching or agricultural automatic handling, and you think that artificial intelligence can help you innovate? Consult the product sheet to find out more about the different use cases.
The possibilities offered by AI and computer vision are immense. Contact us and we will examine the feasibility of your project in detail.

an automatic hitch system for tractor and its implement-1
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