#1 Are you Cloud or Embedded?


Depending on your needs and installations, our software solutions are available in cloud or embedded versions.

  • CLOUD : Enabling a simple camera to become a smart camera.
  • EMBEDDED: A solution that integrates directly into your machines - robots - production tools for real-time actions.

#2 Our development process

We guide you through each stage of the development of your solution


1. Your idea

You have a clear idea of the result you want to achieve, but the process to get there is unclear.

To help you get started, we guide you through the thought process with workshops led by our experts.


2. Feasibility study

Is your project possible and under what conditions?

The feasibility report provides all the essential information to determine the continuation of the project:

  • A review of the literature on the latest advances in computer vision and artificial intelligence, and a selection of the most effective methods.
  • An evaluation of the performance of the selected methods.
  • Recommendations on the methods to be used for data collection.
  • Detailed information on the effort required in the qualification stages.

3. POC Integration 

During the POC (proof of concept) integration phase, Dilepix creates and deploys a cloud or embedded version of the software. Based on the results of the feasibility study, you are able to choose the most appropriate sensor and computing device.

The integration of the Dilepix solution into the machines (in embedded mode) will allow them to be tested in experimental farms and will help the research and development teams to collaborate to achieve the expected performance.


4. Qualification

During the qualification phase, your R&D team and/or the Dilepix team will collect data using the sensors integrated during the POC phase, following the objectives recommended in the feasibility report.

The qualification will take place in several phases, from the nominal environment to the MVP* environment (the minimum conditions under which the solution must operate to be commercialized).

(*Minimum Viable Product)


5. Industrial integration 

During the industrial integration stage, we help you deploy the solution. 

We design interfaces and improve calculation algorithms so that the solution is fully integrated into your product.


#3 Our CTO speaks best about it!

Who better than Aurélien Yol, co-founder of Dilepix and computer vision expert, to explain the development stages of our solutions?

His team is behind all our solutions, so he is best placed to tell you about them.




What to expect when developing a solution with Dilepix?

  • Terms of reference,
  • Scope of action,
  • Technical specifications,
  • Project management,
  • Planning...

Aurélien tells you more about the way we work.


What is our development process?

From listening and understanding your problem to the industrialisation of the solution, discover each step in the creation of your project.


French version. Video in process of subtitling in English

#4 Example of collaboration

Through its SOWELL project, INRAE wanted to measure the activity of pregnant sows using Artificial Intelligence combined with image analysis. The final purpose was to modulate the ration of pregnant sows.

The challenge for Dilepix: Develop a tool capable of processing a large volume of data automatically in a very short time.

Get to the heart of the project and see how we work.



#5 Working with us means...

  • A long-term collaboration
  • Honesty and transparency: We won't sell you the impossible!
  • A proactive team that listens to you
  • A clear development plan
  • Support at every stage
  • An agile working method

Talk about my project ?

#6 State-of-the-art technology, developed in a laboratory


Dilepix is a spin-off of Inria  (National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology) from where Aurélien Yol (CTO of Dilepix) comes.

Our computer vision technology: The ViSP platform (for which we have the exclusive worldwide licence in agriculture) has been the subject of R&D work for over 15 years. Constantly evolving, thanks to a dedicated team of researchers, its high performance has been proven.


Learn more about our technology


AI & computer vision control

Ready to get ahead of your competitors?

  • Automate your production lines,
  • Automate the monitoring of your animals,
  • Increase the action capabilities of your robots and machines,
  • Detect threats or situations of interest,
  • Carry out precision actions.

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Our awards

Winner of the prestigious I-Lab competition in 2018, Dilepix has consistently won high-profile awards proving the value of our solutions. 


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