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Global demand for insect meal is growing strongly, particularly for the pet food and aquaculture sectors.

A market with very high potential, endomoculture offers a clean and sustainable alternative to the production of proteins used to feed fish and pets.

But to become competitive, the sector must equip itself with modern and automated production lines.

The solution to achieve this is Artificial Intelligence!

black soldier fly

The strengths of our solution

  • Our technology is robust and adapted to the technical constraints of buildings and agricultural factories
  • It is extremely reliable and has very little margin for error
  • It saves precious time in data analysis and counting
  • It allows you to react at the right time
  • It allows you to perform analyzes without interrupting your production chain
  • It secures the monitoring of production units

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black soldier fly larvae
black soldier fly larvae

Use cases in insect production

Insect farming is on the rise and the potential is great. But how to move from artisanal production to large-scale production?

To achieve this, automation of the production chain is essential. This includes automatic growth monitoring of larvae and insects and careful monitoring of production with the aim of reducing the mortality rate and accurately measuring performance.

To find out more about the different use cases in entomoculture, see the product brochure.

You have a problem in insect production and you think that artificial intelligence can solve the problem?

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Set of black soldier fly larvae
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