#1 How to accelerate the development of your insect production activity?



With the increase of the world population, the demand for proteins is exploding. This situation is pushing manufacturers and startups to find more sustainable alternatives with a low environmental impact.

The collective awareness and the agreements signed in favor of the production of insect proteins for animal feed and novel-food are moving things forward. Which is positive!

But this dynamic also encourages the arrival of new operators on this high-potential market (1.10 billion € by 2025, against 110 million € today). The competition will increase and it will be necessary to stand out because industrial insect farming is still young in terms of technology and production processes.

To be prepared for this, you are thinking about improving your production processes and in particular quality control.


What do you expect from an insect monitoring solution?


  • React more quickly
  • Be more accurate
  • Monitor your production more efficiently
  • Reduce losses
  • Increase your production rates
  • Accelerate the development of your company
  • Optimize quality control

👉 Our solution dedicated to insects will make you accelerate your production control and quality control in a spectacular way! 

#2 Save time and precision at every stage of production

The analysis points, which are present at different units in a plant or at different plants, all operate with the same accuracy. They allow performance to be analysed at different scales.


Our solution can be duplicated at different stages of production


#3 Our insect counting solution in action



HubSpot Video


Here is a short video clip of our insect counting solution developed by our computer vision engineers.

This demonstration was realized in our premises with tenebrion larvae (tenebrio molitor) generously provided by our partner Thomas MORE

We recreated similar conditions (luminosity, nature of the substrate, size and color of the crate) to those we can find in an industrial insect farm:

  • A camera is placed above the crate.
  • An operator pours the larvae into the tank. He spreads them out to prevent them from being completely buried in their substrate.
  • Our automatic insect counting software solution starts to work and counts the larvae even in their substrate. 

Discover our solution DPX - Counting

#4 Our innovative solutions to save you time and precision

Present on different stations of a plant or on different plants, the analysis points all work with the same precision and allow to analyze the performances at different scales.

Automatic larvae count in seconds

Save time and accuracy with the DPX-Counting software solution, which allows you to perform stationary larval counting operations in seconds.

Discover the solution DPX - Counting

Automatically estimate the larvae mortality rate even in cluster form

Instantly estimate the quality of your production with the DPX-Mortality software solution, which allows you to evaluate the mortality rate of a larval sample.

Page in progress


Measure your ratios automatically

Instantly estimate the proportions in your production batches with the DPX-Ratio software solution which allows you to measure different ratios.

Page in progress


Measure larvae activity


Offer under development



#5 A simple solution adapted to your stage of maturity

The Dilepix cloud-hosted solution analyzes images captured by a single camera in seconds and sends the results to a Dilepix interface or directly to your SCADA.

  • Use of the Dilepix Webapp
  • API to feed directly your SCADA


#6 A solution that integrates into your production tools

Our solutions can also be embedded directly on your production lines to control robotic actions. We can work with an integrator to power your SCADA.

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#7 What can you expect as results on your business?

Consistent reliability even with a large number of analyses 

Make the analysis data from your control stations more reliable.

Unlike a human operator for whom concentration will decrease as the day goes on, the solution proposed by Dilepix remains constant and can work 24/7.


Reproducible regardless of the number of checkpoints

Manage production and quality data feedback with a solution that can be reproduced over and over again.

Present on different stations of a plant or on different plants, the analysis points all work with the same precision and allow to analyze the performances at different scales.


A scalable solution

Adapt our solution to your industrial equipment.

Easily accessible from the Cloud, it can also be physically embedded on production lines to control robotic actions (work with your integrator).

Both in the cloud and embedded, the analysis results can be directly transmitted to your production control systems (SCADA).


#8 The benefits for you

  • Our technology is robust and adapted to the technical constraints of buildings and agricultural factories
  • It is extremely reliable and has very little margin for error
  • It saves precious time in data analysis and counting
  • It allows you to react at the right time
  • It allows you to perform analyzes without interrupting your production chain
  • It secures the monitoring of your production units

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#9 Why should you work with Dilepix?

  • Our technology based on artificial intelligence brings a very high level of accuracy.
  • We are one of the few companies to develop our own neural networks.
  • More robust and perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of insect farms and factories, our algorithms, combined with camera vision, provide remarkable accuracy.
  • Our solutions are developed in partnership with leading national technical institutes and/or with our customers' technical experts. We attach great importance to the scientific validation of our solutions.
  • Our technology is designed for high precision operations, in real time and in industrial production conditions (heat, humidity, dust, light...).

#10 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Do you already work with companies specialized in insect production?

    Yes, our software has been developed with industrial insect producers.


  • Do you have CIR and/or CII approval?
Dilepix has CIR and CII approvals, each covering the period 2022-2024.
Our clients eligible for the CIR and/or CII can entrust us with research and innovation services that will be included in their CIR and/or CII base, provided that these services meet the CIR and/or CII criteria.


  • On which insect species is your software effective?
We have solutions ready for certain stages of maturity of certain insect species such as Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) and Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor).
If you produce another insect species on which we have not yet tested our solution, contact us so that we can develop it with and for you.
Control of insect production

Discover how our software will increase your production

  • Improve the quality control,
  • Reduce the production costs,
  • Rationalize the production process
  • Improve safety
  • Automate your production line
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