Keep an eye on the farms at all times

As a veterinarian, consulting technician or consultant in pig production, you know the importance of regular monitoring of farms.

Of course, it is the breeder who stays closest to his animals, but you too must keep an eye on the herd to detect situations that the advantage of your external gaze gives you.

But how do you achieve this when the farms in which you operate are geographically distant or when the frequency of your consulting appointments does not allow you to ensure optimal follow-up?

The solution is Artificial Intelligence!

Smartphone showing the automatic remote monitoring of a pig farm
Piglets in a maternity ward
 Detection camera in a pig farm

The strengths of our solution

  • Our technology is reliable, robust and adapted to agricultural constraints
  • It respects animal wellbeing because it is non-intrusive
  • It reassures the breeder - advisor - veterinarian trio
  • It saves precious time in data analysis
  • It allows you to react at the right time
  • It respects the natural rhythm of animals
  • It relieves and secures monitoring especially at night

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Sow in a breeding cage
Pigs in a fattening house
Sow in a breeding cage

Use cases in pig farms

Pig production is a sector where passion for the profession means a high level requirement.

Performance and profitability are obtained by mastering many aspects. Among them, the well-being, health, reproduction and feeding of pigs are among the strategic axes that should not be neglected.

The capabilities of AI are amazing! Imagine a monitoring system able to detect heat, pig weight estimation, counting...

To learn more about the different use cases applicable to pig production, see the product sheet.

You have a problem in pig farming and you think that artificial intelligence can solve the problem?

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