#1 How to combine animal welfare and production performance?

Respect for animal welfare is encouraging the pig industry to move toward taking more individualized measurements of pig health.

As a veterinarian, technical advisor or consultant in pig production, you know the importance of regular farm monitoring.  But this increased surveillance requires time, manpower and tools that previously could not identify animals.

What if you opted for an automatic monitoring and detection software?

Artificial intelligence and computer vision now make it possible to individually monitor the activity of each pig at different stages of growth, and to adapt the monitoring according to their needs.

✅ Dilepix software solutions target the right animal at the right time and measure situations that were previously impossible!


Changing practices towards targeted treatments

The interest of monitoring the individual (in particular thanks to the use of mobile cameras), is to adapt the interventions in order to optimize their use (antibiotics, hormones, vaccines...) to each individual and no longer systematically to the batch.


#2 Track the activity of pigs at different stages of growth

Each step has its own solution!

NB: Our neural networks can be trained to detect other situations that are not yet included in the diagram below.

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#3 Target the right animal at the right time

With Dilepix solutions, measure the health or activity level of each animal individually.

It is this ultra-precise targeting that seduced the research institutes (INRAE and IFIP), the large international pharmaceutical group Boehringer Ingelheim as well as the veterinary group Synthèse Élevage to work with us to develop four modules aimed at improving the health of pigs: 

Automatic detection of sow ovulation

GWIZ combines a thermal camera that measures the temperature of the vulva and anus with artificial intelligence software that analyzes the physiological variations of body temperature during the reproductive cycle.

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Automatic and individual measurement of pig activity

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Estimation of the weight of pigs in post-weaning and fattening

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Offer under development


Automatic counting of pigs in post-weaning and fattening

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Offer under development


Cloud solution: Saas subscription

#4 How our solutions work?

  • Our neural networks, hosted on the Dilepix Cloud, receive images from all farms and automatically analyze them to feed your decision support tool.
  • It is you who will then charge your breeders for your advice or services.



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#5 Our power in your tools 


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#6 What you can expect from your business?

Reduce the use of antibiotics and hormones

Dilepix software solutions allow you to target the right animal at the right time. Through this ultra-precise monitoring, we help you identify batches that require intervention.

We are already working on identification methods to allow you to intervene at the individual level. 


Monitor all your animals 24 hours a day

Whether it is on basic but essential tasks such as counting or weight measurement, or more advanced ones such as activity measurement, these indicators are permanently provided to you thanks to video surveillance.


Respect the rhythm of the animals with non-intrusive tools

Reduce animal stress! No need for probes or blood tests to predict ovulation in sows. No need for restraint to weigh the animals...

The camera monitors remotely and alerts you if a specific situation is detected.


Improve traceability and make improvements at the source

Control pathologies on all individuals to identify and improve health status on subsequent strips. At the same time, this will improve growth performance and income for farmers.


#7 What will you achieve with our solutions?

  • To meet the needs of the pig industry in terms of animal welfare by accompanying farmers to regulatory changes
  • Provide accurate measurement tools on a daily basis 
  • Save time and comfort by automating certain tasks
  • Ensure a better follow-up of each animal by keeping an eye on your farms even from a distance
  • Control your expenses and the production costs of your breeders by reducing the quantities of treatments (antibiotics, hormones)

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#8 Why work with Dilepix?

  • Our technology based on artificial intelligence brings a very high level of accuracy

  • More robust and perfectly adapted to the difficult conditions of the breeding, our algorithms, combined with the vision by camera bring a remarkable precision.

Our technical partners - Pig industry

Our solutions are developed in partnership with leading national technical institutes and/or with our customers' technical experts. We attach great importance to the scientific validation of our solutions.

#9 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Do you work with companies specialized in pig production?

Yes, we work hand in hand with the companies that use our computer vision analysis expertise. Together, we design solutions that bring more value to their expertise. This is the case of the modules we develop with Synthèse Elevage (French veterinary group),  INRAE (French research institute) and an major international pharmaceutical group.


  • Do you have CIR and/or CII approval?

Dilepix has CIR and CII approvals, each covering the period 2019-2021.
We have already scheduled our renewal application to be filed in September 2021 for the period 2022-2024.
Our clients eligible for the CIR and/or CII can entrust us with research and innovation services that will be included in their CIR and/or CII base, provided that these services meet the CIR and/or CII criteria.

  • Is it possible to perform several analyses with ONE camera?

Measuring activity (standing, lying down, feeding, aggressiveness), growth, counting, with a camera, we can detect several situations. For example, with the same thermal camera, we can detect the ovulation of sows, but it is also possible to measure the temperature of the animal (detection of fever, thermal stress ...)

  • Does your software work with all the cameras on the market?

Yes, our software can be adapted to a large number of cameras offered by the main players in the market at affordable prices.

Contact us to find out more about the type of camera best suited to your needs.

Do you have a project?

Discover how our software will facilitate your breeding follow-up

  • Ensure animal welfare
  • Provide accurate measurement tools
  • Save time and comfort
  • Keep an eye on your farms even from a distance
  • Follow up on the animal

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