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Aurélie is Marketing & communication manager. She has worked for many years in the agricultural sector, in particular the cattle industry. Her knowledge of the agricultural ecosystem and her skills in Inbound and content marketing provide her the necessary skills to make Dilepix a recognized startup and expert in artificial intelligence.

Computer vision and AI uses in agriculture

Uses of computer vision in agriculture Guest of Maurice Thuriau and Clément Moutiez of RCF, Alban Pobla, CEO of Dilepix...

Gaia X - The European sovereign cloud

Alban Pobla (CEO Dilepix) was commissioned by the Ferme Digitale to participate in the European project Gaia-X.

Why does AI generate so much enthusiasm in breeding?

Better known for its use in crop production, Artificial Intelligence is now making its way into livestock buildings......

Democratizing the use of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture

After several weeks of hard work and the correction of the traditional small prolems and glitches, we are now ready and...